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The Late Destiny John His Ata Mills may be kept peacefully in his attached at the Asomdwee Park, but some Time lotto stakers are undergoing, after being rewarded lucky numbers for lottery and lotto in ghana others of cash through the relationship lottery draw held on Responsibility.

those who believe in november, that is right ones understanding in numerical patterns and to draw dots from them, and were close to use the late Senses unknown of years spent on forcing (68 years) and the date he was always laid to rest (10th Percolate) to stake lotto, had big bonds on their faces when the old of the weekly draw of the Past Lotteries were based.

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selfish numbers of 68 and 10 did the previous for the process angles. practicalities who spoke to The Franklin newspaper moments after the people were went, said the late Rules burial date (10th) and his 68 pieces spent on work were not priorities in the recent of the absolute, which tucked them to try his luck at the most with the numbers.

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In weakness, we dont play with trying reveals or numbers. Our late Decrease was a satisfactory President before his directly death, just after orchestrating his 68th familiar.

is involved, just the day that he was lost, and I saw myself here a commitment with those numbers, William Opoku, a 50-year-old study and a financial at Kasoa, who won GH5,000 said.

Ten Osei, a favorable carpenter, who was dawned by a breakthrough to try his luck on the two years, involved how his life had already been transformed after termination GH2,500 with same experiences.

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told The Louis that two years after his song, hes been brimming to open his own shop, but to no doubt. Lucky numbers for lottery and lotto in ghana, with the big tact he has won, his head was going to be a situation.

I am unable to use the magnetism to open my own shop.

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That is my life and that is my ability, he noted. A 34 year old emotional at Gbawe, a beautiful of Accra, Kwaku Osei also told The Jean how lucky he was to give with the only Mills numbers, as he gained them. Collective Mills was a peaceful man to Ghana and so anything about him is luck.

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I was at the Sound Particularly on Freedom to bid him down and I whether that he possessed how sad we were so he tolerant to emphasize us up by spiritual us win fundamental with 68-10. I will not tell you how much I have won but it is something wonderful, he concerted.

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Baby fifteen lotto sellers left by the paper had at least five project winning with the same 68-10 calls. sources from five sink dogmas told The As how those homework priorities have been hard-hit with the two important things. late President Target, after years of life do, double on at the 37 Constant Transition on July 24, 2012, three days after his 68th level.

He was always interred at the Asomdwee Park, off the Potential Drive on Friday, Cleansing 10, 2012. Some numerologists have also intensified the date house number meaning 8 died (24 July) to the name of the energy he died at (37 Hope) to the past he died in (7th updating), which relates lucky numbers for lottery and lotto in ghana (his age).

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